“ Someone told me that this was like Goldratt’s “The Goal.” I see the similarity–both are stories that include information about how processes can go awry. But “Death Unexpected” has more story (and less instruction) than “The Goal.” Also the processes touched on in “The Goal” concern factories and “Death Unexpected” is about procedures in a hospital. So, while “The Goal” is sometimes used as a textbook, I see “Death Unexpected” as something to read for pleasure. It does seem to me, however, that health care students might enjoy reading and discussing this book as part of a class or a discussion group. 5-Star by Ramal Aug 2020.

   “This is a well-crafted medical mystery with crisp dialogue. It shows some of the inner workings of the hospital system and the peculiar complexities affecting medical decisions. Death Unexpected is a good read and easily understood by readers with little or no medical background. The subtle threads of humor woven through the book provide a lighter touch to some of the devilish doings. 5-star by Nancy R Mar 2020

This medical murder mystery has a lot of the same characters and the same setting as Death Unexpected; however, it is a stand alone novel. The in-depth look at the medical findings of the cases were especially appealing to me as a member of the medical field. I also enjoyed the back stage look at hospital administration and medical teaching programs. An added bonus is the behind the scenes look into the investigations by the police surrounding the cases. There are a few curse words in this book, but nothing vulgar. It also contains some non-graphic violence. There are no sex scenes in the book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery, especially one related to the medical field. 5-Stars by C. Pennington Sept 2020.

I especially like the use of three different and unconnected murders to display the interconnection between the characters in the hospital and the police department. The explanations of hospital concerns and procedures was very clear. 5 stars. Nancy R. Sept 2020